I recently learned that though my baby girl has 18 more weeks of growing until we get to meet her, she already has ovaries and they are already full of the eggs that will eventually be my descendants. Does anyone else see how awesome this is? I woke up this morning thinking I looked fat as I frowned at myself in the mirror. Of course I look fat! I am carrying around hundreds, possibly thousands, of people inside me. I have doctors and lawyers and teachers and probably the future president right there floating around my uterus! If I could, I would send them all a cocktail and let them have a party to celebrate their new existence.

Think of the influence I have right now. I need to make a playlist immediately so I can make sure they listen to good music and good books. I also need to start spending more money on food so I can spoil them a bit. After all, one of them will decide what home to put me in in the future and I would like to be on that one’s good side. I need to start schooling them on politics now to ensure none of them end up conservative. No offense if you happen to be one yourself, but a Republican just won’t survive in my family. We are a bunch of environmentally friendly, do-gooder, women’s rights, peace loving people.

Just when I thought I was alone, just when I got a little sad, I find out that generations of people are inside me. Call me crazy, but I am going to start talking to them all the next time I feel that loneliness creeping back in.


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