The Man

I live with a man. He is not the father of my child, but I have to say a little something about him. I have said that I am doing this alone, but I’m not alone; not completely. I have met and heard from so many women in the last few months who were really truly alone in their pregnancies. These women have told me about having to go home to an empty apartment or house, go to doctor’s appointments alone, and deal with the daily ins and outs of pregnancy.

The thing is that I have to recognize and appreciate the fact that I have lucked out with an amazing roommate. He patiently listens to me talk endlessly about being pregnant, he cleans the dishes, he helps me with my dog, and both he and his boyfriend have taken me out to eat and spoiled me a little during this pregnancy. We watch TV together, go out from time to time, and sometimes have little dance sessions in the living room. I am not alone and though I know that both of us will move on from this time in our lives, I will never forget his and his boyfriend’s kindness, patience, acceptance, and love when I needed it the most. I am a lucky girl to have them in my life and I guess I just feel like they deserve recognition and a bit of a shout out.


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